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Digital Platforms & Features

What are the features and form factors to consider for web, tablet, smartphones, feature phones, game consoles, etc.?  How do these items impact digital advertising choices and plans?    

Session #6

Session #2

Sample Course Content

Digital Advertising in the Marketing Mix

What is advertising?  What is marketing?  Why are these distinctions important?  What benefits does digital advertising provide over traditional advertising? 

LSMs*, Customer Targeting, Customer Profiles  

Models from other markets, resources in Kenya, understanding key demographic indicators 

Digital Marketing Channels

Overview; International Landscape; 1:1 Measurement Opportunities; Success Measures; Smaller Advertising Budgets

Session #1

Session #5

User Experience Considerations

Device user interfaces and their contribution to user experiences; Screen size and form factor considerations; Advertisements adding to content experiences

Digital Advertising Tools

Overview; Mobile; Social Media; Apps; Tablets; Web; East African Landscape

Session #7

Advertising Messaging

Constructing a message; Tailoring a message for LSMs; Formatting messages for digital platforms

Session #8

Session #9

*LSMs -- Living Standard Measurements; Equivalent to demographic data used in the US for marketing analysis

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