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Mobile Video:  the Global Landscape

Consumer demand for online video is exploding and will continue to increase with new streaming technologies, the variety in mobile devices, and the quickening pace of launching online content.  Mobile video traffic accounted for 55 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2015.  As mobile video content has much higher bit rates than other mobile content types, it is estimated to generate much of the mobile data traffic growth through 2020 making up 75 percent of all mobile data traffic by that time.


Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) released in Q2 2016 predicts that by 2020, online video will represent 82 percent of global Internet traffic, up from 70 percent in 2015.  This dramatic increase will be driven by the growing popularity of Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming services as well as the number of people connected by 2020.  Cisco’s VNI forecasts more than 52 percent of the world’s population (approximately 4.1 billion people) will be connected to the Internet and six times that number of devices will also be online.  


To address this industry transformation, leaders across the online, digital, and mobile video ecosystem must look at ways to open their architecture, strengthen networks, enhance devices, customize content, and streamline the user experience for today’s connected customers.  This analysis is ongoing and evolving as all companies in this space seek competitive advantages to win customer loyalty in such a dynamic marketplace.  Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), OTT players, Infrastructure providers, and Content/App developers alike are looking at unique strategies that fit their specific markets and customer preferences.


This workshop highlights how the implementation of digital content in the form of mobile video is the SAME and DIFFERENT in various regions of the world.  What experiences can be shared?  What insights can be leveraged?  And, what lessons can be learned?


This workshop includes a panel discussion of 7-8 participants – each representing a different aspect of the mobile ecosystem as well as the unique perspectives emanating from different world regions.  Panel participants not only represent geographic diversity, but an even gender balance as well.    

Title:  Mobile Video:  Viewing the Global Landscape 

Overview:  Continually lauded as a growth engine for the mobile industry, mobile video has gained steady momentum year-over-year.  It is a killer app anywhere in the world.  But what are the key implementation considerations, necessary support infrastructures, and growth drivers for mobile video in each of the world’s regions?  How do these characteristics differ from region to region?  Consumer viewing habits are changing.  Is the migration from broadcast TV to on-demand content the same in every part of the world?  Are the factors for leveraging digital platforms and optimizing delivery networks the same from region to region?  How are customer preferences shaping MNO, OTT, and content development strategies?  Are there any lessons "mobile first" regions can assimilate from regions where consumers are increasingly opting out of traditional video viewing (on TVs and PCs) in favor of mobile alternatives?  Or are "mobile first" regions working in a completely different paradigm with a totally different set of requirements?  We hear from experts and key players during this workshop.  


Moderator:  Michelle McLin

Shapes conversation by highlighting:  key differentiators for mobile video in each region; different customer segments in each region driving growth; ecosystem players driving growth in each region [MNO led video apps & portals; strong OTT players; traditional content developers, etc.]; type of video driving customer usage/adoption in each region [user-generated-content; catch-up-TV; made-for-mobile video; local content; international content]; predominant business models in each region [live broadcasts, freemium, TV Anywhere, US TV-Everywhere, etc.]; and other influencing factors. 


  • RESEARCH:  Analyst, BuddeCom Research -- lays out mobile video trends in each world region and key differentiators  ​

  • INFRASTRUCTURE:  Media Marketing, Ericsson --  highlights the content delivery networks and tools necessary for optimal mobile video deployments  

  • MNO, OTT, Content/App Developers – shares case studies, best practices, and lessons learned from their perspectives on the mobile ecosystem and their specific world region

o East Asia (China):  Youku Tudou

o Europe (Western/Eastern):  Now TV at Sky

o Sub Saharan Africa (Francophone/Anglicized):  MTN South Africa

o South Asia (India):  Eros Digital  

o Middle East/Northern Africa:  AMEA Region, Vodafone Group   

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