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Week #3

Sample Course Content

Manufacturing Operations (MO)

Key concepts and principles of manufacturing operations will be presented including:  Balanced Scorecard, BPR, TQM, Six Sigma, TPM, ISO 9000, JIT, Kaizen, and Lean.

Internet of Things (IoT):  Re-visioning Manufacturing Operations  

Formerly Machine-to-Machine (M2M), then the Internet of Everything (IoE), and now the Internet of Things (IoT) is producing major advancements in information and data capture.  Can these Big Data insights be actualized to reshape manufacturing processes and operations? 

Service Operations (SO):  Mastering the Customer Experience

What are service operations?  How do they differ from manufacturing operations?  How can the customer experience be used to design and improve operations in service organizations?  Why is understanding, articulating, and mapping the customer journey critical to success?   

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SO. Supply Chain: Purchasing & Procuring for Success    

Key concepts in supply chain management will be discussed:  green supply chains, transparent supply chains, negotiating with suppliers, off-shoring, re-shoring, and vertical integration.   

SO.  Human Resources:  Aligning Organizational Capabilities  

What human assets are needed to promulgate your value proposition? Is the drive to leverage Big Data insights changing the types of human capital required?  How do you assess, arrange, and systematize organizational capabilities for success?   

SO.  Operations & Control:  Creating Consistent Process Flows

What processes and tools can be used to streamline operational flows and synchronize interdepartmental handoffs?  How can you better align operations behind and in front of the line of visibility to optimize customer experiences? How can operations support your brand promise? 

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