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BIG DATA:  Quick Wins with Customers, Monetization, and Overall User Experience 


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are at the heart of their customers’ digital universe. They are sitting on a gold mine of digital data that enables them to understand their customers at an unparalleled level. It is a key corporate asset and extremely beneficial in a highly competitive landscape. 
Big Data has the potential to allow MNOs to win the battle for customers, enhance user experiences, and create new revenue streams.  Big Data provides MNOs with a wealth of information about their customers’ behaviors, preferences, and movements.  Big Data can also support ways to enhance customers’ data service experience, improve video optimization, better enable bandwidth control techniques and improve policy enforcement.  However, many MNOs continue to struggle with fully leveraging Big Data’s value.   
Though MNOs have handled large amounts of structured data for years, the benefit of Big Data is using data to generate new insights:  mostly real-time or near real-time insights and combining unstructured data with structured data for a more comprehensive view of the customer journey.  Such insights enable MNOs to be more competitive and generate additional value.  Big Data enhances MNO’s core business, such as improving customer experience, driving new products, increasing productivity, and optimizing networks. 
This workshop explores specific use cases only achieved via Big Data implementations.  The session familiarizes participants with Big Data possibilities and some immediate Big Data benefits to their organizations.   Presenters discuss how MNOs actually achieved success with Big Data implementations including required technology investments, securing organizational buy-in, necessary personnel skill-sets, and typical go-live time frames.  Big Data can have some immediate impacts.  Big Data does not have to be daunting.  Big Data does not have to be too expensive to get started.  Big Data does not have to be put off any longer. 


The workshop presents a panel discussion providing specific use cases for Big Data in a telecom enterprise.  The panelists share their successes with Big Data implementations as well as key lessons learned.  Workshop participants walk away visualizing very specific ways Big Data can benefit their organizations as well as the tools, steps, and insights that lead to success quickly.  This panel discussion provides a “starter-kit” for jumping into the world of Big Data and better leveraging its full capabilities.   
Title:  Big Data:  Quick Wins with Customers, Monetization, and Overall User Experience 

Overview:  Big Data. Is this a new fancy name for statistics, data science, smart analytics, or data mining?  Is it simply the domain of the IT and Data Warehouse Departments?  Is new infrastructure required to leverage Big Data insights?  Should a new analytical team be deployed to harness Big Data’s value?  These questions have vexed the telecom industry for years and contributed to the industry’s slow movement to exploit Big Data’s full capabilities.  Worry about Big Data and wonder about its impact no more.  This workshop highlights telecom success stories with Big Data implementations.  

Specific use cases are presented to demonstrate the value of Big Data to a telecom enterprise.  Specific examples are provided on how Big Data can enhance customer experience, generate incremental revenue, reduce subscriber churn, and innovate new external revenue streams.  Experts share key considerations for success, important technologies to consider, lessons learned, and paths to monetization.  Attendees leave this session knowing exactly what big data is, why it matters to them, and how to leverage it for quick wins with consumers, monetization, and overall user experience. 

Moderator:  Michelle McLin


  • MNO OPPORTUNITIES:  Strategic Marketing & Intelligence, Ericsson  presents the three strategies “frontrunners” are using to win with Big Data implementations:   1) quality-led progression;   2)  market-led adoption;  and  3)  offering-led transformation


  • INNOVATIVE USES:  NICE Systems shares how MNOs can perfect user experiences by capturing the complete customer journey by marrying unstructured data (tweets, posts, store visits, etc.) with structured data (contact center call logs, billing data, network info, etc.) to transform the “customer service center” to a “center of proactivity” and even preempt impending customer issues with innovative solutions  

  • INNOVATIVE USES:  SundaySky shares how MNOs can leverage Big Data into bespoke and personalized videos for each customer to increase revenue generating opportunities (i.e. detailing advanced features for highly used device applications and services) and reduce costs by lower call volume (i.e. billing explanations and onboarding tutorials) at unbelievably low production and roll out costs

  • CASE STUDIES:  MNOs share respective successes with a Big Data implementation in their organization.  Each case study includes the improved consumer use case, technical adaptations to legacy systems, implementation best practices, lessons learned, and care for data privacy concerns

  • External Monetization:  Smart Steps --Telefónica

    Telefónica Dynamic Insights UK

     Monetizing network data by anonymizing footfall data and crowd behavior to deliver insights to transportation                companies, municipalities, retailers, and media companies

  • External Monetization:  Precision Insights – Verizon Wireless  

     Precision Marketing, Verizon Wireless USA

     Anonymizing network data to offer unique, targeted, personalized, and location-based advertising opportunities for

     favored brands to consumers who opt-in

  • Internal Monetization:  Social Circles – T-Mobile  

     Loyalty Marketing, T-Mobile USA

     Identifying customers with large social networks to provide them with loyalty perks or preemptive resolutions thus

     inspiring positive feedback to their social media followers  

  • Internal Monetization:  Real-time Marketing – MTS  

     Consumer Marketing, MTS India

     Identifying customers topping out on usage levels in real time and providing them with an immediate promotion

     and thus stemming churn in a fiercely competitive market

  • Internal Monetization:  Smart Incentive Toolbox – Globe Telecom

     Product Management, Globe Telecom Philippines

     Reducing time to process new customers at point-of-sale locations to enable new promotions to be offered near

     immediately vs. the previous 10 month lead time    

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