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I drive Big Data initiatives… not because I am a statistician… but because I understand 1) customer journeys, and 2) how data sets can be leveraged to enhance those journeys and customer experiences  

Big Data is about having the right tools to collect, clean, store, extract, mine, and analyze a variety of data sets.  But Big Data doesn’t end at the right technologies, tools, and platforms.  Leveraging the right data, at the right time, and in the right location is essential to enhancing customers’ experiences with products/services and their engagement with your brand. 

The right tools and technologies can only be leveraged by understanding customers and their respective journeys with products, services, and brands.  Prioritizing data sets that will increase revenue, decrease service costs, enhance operational efficiency, and add value to customer lives by reducing their pain points is where Big Data initiatives succeed. 

I successfully utilize these guiding principles to recommend technology investments in Big Data tools as well as to direct the organizational processes employed to integrate these tools and new methodologies.  I have refined this approach to be iterative and led by clear customer-centric goals with quickly measurable results; keeping Big Data initiatives manageable, cost-effective, and without risks such as privacy and security concerns. 

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