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I innovate for and with the “connected customer” because I 1) keep my ears to the ground, 2) stay abreast of emerging trends, and 3) keep my finger on the pulse of the dynamic and evolving market

Whether it is developing product entry strategies in emerging global markets or “mobile-first” markets where the “last billion” is rapidly coming online.  Or it is segmenting a customer group to ascertain their socioeconomics, purchasing patterns, media viewing habits, and preferred communication channels.  Or perhaps it is developing a profile of a customer as s/he travels through retail, digital, web, social, mobile, landline channels for a full composite of his/her customer journey.  I have spent time with voice of customer insights; ethnographic research; competitive market analysis, tracking customer activity in online and traditional channels; and executing strategies in domestic and worldwide geographies. 

I have experience culling actionable insights from these hyper connected spaces generating billions of transactions and sharing millions of bits of data.  I am successful at developing one-to-one relationships with customers in such diverse and expansive ecosystems which increase brand engagement and end user delight.

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