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I lead product development efforts… not because I am an engineer… but because I understand  1) customer needs, and 2) the organizational capabilities necessary to address those needs and pain points

I don’t build technology for technology’s sake or just because it can be done.  I build technologies that can profitably solve a pressing customer need.   Translating actual customer needs into product specs and designing an experience around those specs that enhances a customer’s life is where many product development efforts fail. 

Similar to peer product development professionals, I write requirements documentation.  I lead sprints to build, test, and standup products.  I manage product backlogs and plan future releases.  I lead cross-functional teams to price, package, and position products for optimal growth and adoption too. 

However, wrapping product features that meet customer needs into user experiences that enhance customer lives, projecting these products onto a roadmap, and ensuring an organization has the short term and long term capabilities / strategic relationships to deliver that roadmap, is actually the secret sauce.  This is the unique skillset I have honed and leveraged for successful product development efforts. 

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